Mione Pro - perfect design without camera and GPS


High-end configuration & professional range

Mione Pro The performance of Mione Pro, which will be released in December 2021, is also a positioning without a camera and without GPS positioning. Mione Pro strengthens the positioning configuration of the phone design itself.

Mione Pro

  • 4GB RAM+64GB ROM & 8-core CPU are more in line with the needs of use, and run more smoothly after the configuration upgrade.
  • The mobile phone screen adopts a 6.1-inch high-definition + water drop screen, the game and video pictures are clear and the touch is more comfortable.
  • The mobile phone network is upgraded to 4G network with eight cores, and the signal is stronger without delay.

Mione Pro
Product packaging includes mobile phone, wired headset, data cable, protective case, protective film, and warranty card.

Mione Pro

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