Mione P8 - Unique design without camera and GPS positioning


No camera, no GPS positioning - Mione was originally designed to facilitate the use of mobile phones by special industry practitioners in the UAE.
As the first mobile phone with no camera and no GPS positioning, Mione P8 has been widely concerned by the market since its release in July 2021, and has been well received by users.

Mione P8
  • As a specially designed mobile phone, the price is 299 dirhams. The mobile phone itself is equipped with a 6.26'' HD Water-drop Disply large screen to watch videos and game better.
  • The configuration of 3GB RAM+32GB ROM runs smoothly with the Android 11 system, with strong compatibility and high fluency.
  • The 3200mAh battery can work all day without pressure, and fingerprint unlocking is more convenient and safer.

Mione P8

Mione P8

Product packaging includes mobile phone, wired headset, data cable, protective case, protective film, and warranty card.

Mione P8

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