MiA01 - Iron Gray Shell Design Unique Low-key Luxury


High-strength Metal Shell

Mione MiA01 Bluetooth Earphones Metal Shell All-Round Protection
Made of high-strength zinc alloy, it can better protect the earphones and reduce the damage caused by collision and fall. With sandblasting process, the appearance is more refined and the metal texture is strong. Compared with other white and black wireless bluetooth headsets on the market, it is more unique and can show more personality.

Bluetooth Version 5.3

Mione MiA01 Bluetooth Earphones Metal Shell All-Round Protection
MiA01 Bluetooth headset is the latest version 5.3. Compared with the previous version, Bluetooth version 5.3 improves the periodic broadcast, connection update, and channel classification in Bluetooth low energy. Through the improvement of these functions, the low power consumption is further improved. Bluetooth communication efficiency, reduced power consumption and improved wireless coexistence of Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth 5.3 has lower latency and stronger anti-interference. In the game competition, you can get a better gaming experience, and you don't need to wait to win the battlefield. It truly achieves the synchronization of sound and picture, accurate listening and position identification, and the game is more hearty and immersive, full of feeling.

24-hours Working Hours

Mione MiA01 Bluetooth Earphones Metal Shell All-Round Protection
You can enjoy a full working day of charge – 4 hours – from your headphones and store another 20 hours in the case. 300mAh capacity portable charging box can support MiA01 Bluetooth wireless headset to charge five times.

13mm Dynamic Driver

Mione MiA01 Bluetooth Earphones Metal Shell All-Round Protection
13mm dynamic drivers are used to output powerful sound, providing a wide soundstage and balanced listening. Combined with the latest version of Bluetooth 5.3, it optimizes noise reduction for calls, reduces ambient noise interference and enhances vocals to improve sound clarity. Give you a better restoration of the original sound details, in-depth analysis of the sound, restore every detail of the sound, clear and delicate vocal processing, better display of musical instrument timbres, experience the panoramic sound field as if it were on the scene, showing extremely high-quality sound quality, every moment , are the sounds of nature.

Sophisticated and Trendy, Comfortable to Wear

Mione MiA01 Bluetooth Earphones Metal Shell All-Round Protection

A single earbud of this headset weighs only 4.94g, which is featherweight and lightweight, which is more than a little better than similar headphones. When you wear it, you often can't feel its existence, and there is no pressure at all. In terms of wearing comfort, thanks to the in-ear ergonomic ingenious design, the earplugs penetrate directly into the ear canal, which better fits the cochlea, and the sound is more delicate. During use, it can be better fitted to reduce the burden on the ear, and a pleasant and comfortable feeling excellent.

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