How to Repair Your Phone Battery


If it does not charge, remove the battery and wipe the battery compartment and battery with a clean microfiber cloth. If it still won't charge, wrap the battery in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for a few days.
Method 1 Clean the battery compartment

Remove the phone battery. It is usually necessary to open the back of the phone to remove the battery.

Wipe the battery compartment clean. The part exposed after removing the battery is the battery compartment. There should be no water on the cloth, otherwise, it will cause permanent damage to the phone.
Tip: A new microfiber cloth is recommended.

Wipe the battery clean. Also do not get water, otherwise, it will damage the battery.

Put the wiped battery back into the phone.

power on. After wiping off the dust, the battery may come back to life so you can keep using the phone again.

Method 2 Clean the battery compartment
frozen battery

Remove the phone battery. It is usually necessary to open the back of the phone to remove the battery.

Cover the battery with paper or plastic wrap. Wrap the battery tightly to prevent water or other liquids from entering.

Put the battery in an airtight bag. This ensures that the battery will not get wet even if there is ice, water, or moisture in the refrigerator.
Once the battery gets wet, it will be completely damaged, so be sure to take moisture-proof measures.

Store sealed batteries in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

Keep in the refrigerator for 3 days. The battery will recover a certain amount of power in a low-temperature environment so that it can be connected to the charger to continue charging.
Tip: If you can't wait, instead of 3 days, let it go for 12 or 24 hours.

Remove the battery from the refrigerator after 3 days. Remove the battery and unpack it, then try to see if the battery returns to normal.

Dry the battery. If there is moisture on the battery, be sure to wipe it dry.

Leave the battery at room temperature for a day. This will allow the battery to return to room temperature.
If conditions do not permit, dry the battery and put the cold battery directly back into the phone.
Avoid direct sunlight on the battery. Failure to do so may cause permanent damage.

Put the battery back into the phone. Do not turn it on for now.
Charge it first, then turn it on again.

Charge with the standard charger. Plug the standard charger into the phone, do not turn it on and charge it for at least 48 hours.

power on. Turn it on after 48 hours of charging, then check the battery level to see if the refrigerator method works. The battery may be revived and recharged to a certain amount.

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